Role: Talent Magnet

Experience : 3-6 Years (India hiring)

Location : Hyderabad

´╗┐Technovert is looking for a Talent Acquisition specialist to join our Human Capital department and oversee our recruitment process. We looking for a dynamic Technical Recruiter who can work in a fast paced environment, with good knowledge of Software Development Lifecycle & awareness about Agile practices.

The traits we look for

Passion for hiring: You are passionate about hiring and love every aspect of hiring - sourcing, speaking to candidates, engaging them with your conversation, selling the story, negotiation. Your passion motivates to go extra mile to find that right fit candidate for the organization.

Your Talent Radar is Always On: As a Talent Magnet you should have your talent radar turned on all the time in search of talent from all walks of life. You being a pro networker, use every occasion to make new introductions and know people around you and what they do - Carpooling, Talking to co-passengers in a train/flight, conferences etc. You maintain a rolodex of interesting talent so you can join them in organizations that you deem right fit.

A Sourcing Pro: A hiring pro knows that most of the good talent are happy doing their jobs and not active on job portals. As a sourcing pro you have eagle sharp instincts to get such good talent. You need to be using any of XRay search, Flip search and make use of various forums /platforms for sourcing talent.

You know Curious and Learning: As a talent scout hiring for all disciplines, you need to be able to strike a good conversation with candidates. And that requires curiosity and constant learning in everything around you. Shall be able to conduct talent mapping across different parameters. You should therefore be a curious and constant learner being able to converse everything about sales, coding or making rockets!

Skills matter some, attitude matters most: We are an organization that focuses more on attitude and learnability than mere skills. As a passionate recruiter we expect that you share the same philosophy.


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Partnering with HR Team and Hiring Managers & maintaining communication across
  • End-to-end recruitment, delivering a great experience to both candidates and the business including sourcing, screening and assessing candidates
  • Test out new approaches to talent attraction, experimenting with technology and always focusing on improving our processes
  • Market and Hire talent by attending networking events, e-meetups, etc.
  • You will be a talent advisor to instill a culture of recruiting among your business groups; promote engagement and best practice across the hiring process┬Ě
  • Ensure the ATS is updated in real-time and providing accurate reports on recruitment activity to your team, and other stakeholders