Role: Lead / Senior Azure Fullstack Developer (.NET)

Experience: 4-8 years

Location: Hyderabad (Initially remote due to Covid)

At Technovert, we have an ownership mentality: every employee has the power to make our company better. We are looking for a seasoned developer with 4-8 years of hardcore programming experience in Microsoft Azure tech stack.

Skills matter some, Attitude matters most Skills can be learnt and unlearnt any time.

But the attitude you bring to the table makes all the difference and gives purpose to those skills. That’s what matters to us most.

Craftsman or a code coolie?

Clean code is a craft. There’s beauty in good code. Only craftsmen get it, while the code coolies are comfortably clueless, swirling in their own soup. Craftsmen spend hours iterating and refactoring until their code reaches a S.O.L.I.D state. They are extremely curious, always honing their skills and laser focused on solving the same problem with better approaches. Are you such craftsman?

Naming and Readability matters

Good coders respect and care for fellow coders’ time, so they always write code that is simple to read and understandable. They avoid convoluted and complex logic and keep it simple, stupid. And yes they are extremely careful about naming

Can you model the world?

No matter how great algorithms and code you write, if you can’t get your data and object modeling right, it demonstrates your lack of experience building real world scalable products. Before writing the first line of the code, you should understand what it will be doing, how it will be used, what it will use, how modules, services will work with each other, what structure will it have, how it will be tested and debugged, and how it will be updated. And you ask enough questions to get these answers

Devops, not your thing?

Writing code is one thing. Getting it running and being used is altogether another. If you aspire to be an architect (and we insist you should), you should start being a part in Devops. At Technovert we expect developers to take part in devops every now and then. We also expect you come with some prior devops automation knowledge 

Talk is cheap. Show the code.

Be willing to write code as we work with you in the interview process. We want the code to talk about you. If you rather feel you are too senior to take a code test, please stop reading this right away. We are sorry you had to waste time reading this long passage. We are not right place for you.

Say “I don’t know”

There’s no quicker way to waste your time as a developer than to refuse to acknowledge what you don’t know. What makes you valuable isn’t what you know, but rather your humility and ability to quickly learn from others and adapt to evolving technologies. A good programmers know what’s relevant today is outdated tomorrow.


  • You would be working on full stack Azure to Angular tech stack that covers – SQL, Cosmos, Azure Tables, Redis, Service Fabric, C#, Azure Functions, Type Script, Angular 7, Node, SASS, Build Automation and many more.
  • We have roles that heavily focus on pure background architecture/middle tier C# or primarily Angular driven too.
  • Mentoring is part of our culture and you are expected to mentor junior team members and make them better than you